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Have you been living with chronic pain and used almost every modality known to man?

Stem Cell Therapy may be the answer for you!

Stem cells are special type of cells within all living organisms that are quite different from other cells for two important reasons. First, stem cells are unspecialized cells that can renew itself. They are cells waiting to become something. Second, they are cells that can be changed into a variety of different types of cells.  This serves as an internal repair system. However, as we age so do our stem cells. The consequence is a decreased ability to do the repair that we demand. Therefore, the cartilage in our joints lose their compressive resistance and start to fissure and fail. The exciting news is that we can now add stem cells back into the system which will stimulate the new growth and repair.

As we age we produce less and fewer stem cells (through normal wear and tear, injury, or disease) making it extremely hard to find enough healthy stem cells in our aging bodies that can help us repair our bodies.  Often toxics around us, medications, stress, etc. just compromise what few stem cells we have making them ineffective in healing our bodies.

When stem cells are introduced into our bodies they stimulate the growth of our own stem cells to start to repair our body. The stem cells also produce growth factors and other messenger chemicals.

At Total Health Clinic, we use the most effective, highest quality stem cells to help repair orthopedic diagnoses, improve autoimmune diseases, and prevent aging-related diseases.


We at Total Health Clinic are excited to have Dr.Steven Warren, MD on our team providing Stem Cell Therapy. Dr Warren is leading the crusade for better health using cutting edge, proven medical modalities and thereby promoting healthier, happier humans!

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