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Real people, Real results

Jessika K.

I'm a competitive gymnast. It's my passion. I sustained a severe back injury. After MRIs, X-rays, PT, and numerous doctors, I still wasn't getting better and couldn't train. My mom took me to see Dr. Poppe. He gave me hope and got me back in the gym. I continue to go to Total Health for maintenance with Dr. Poppe, Dr. Sorenson & Dr. Boyer. Thank you!

Evelyn L.

After getting in a car accident and ending up in the hospital for 8 months, I was still having loads of pain. I was told by a friend that Total Health Clinic

was very cutting edge with their different technologies. I'm now a believer and after 1 month of getting treated, I can honestly say that I'm seeing real results and finally sleeping at night with very little pain.

In January of 2019 I injured my elbow climbing. The next day I went mountain biking trying to ignore
the pain. Everything I researched led me to believe I had tendonitis in the elbow. It was pretty severe
and was interfering with everyday activities like picking things up etc. I started out with icing and using
ibuprofen. After a couple of months with no results I got a recommendation from a friend to go see Dr.
Poppe. He started me out on ozone injections about once a week followed up with laser therapy. I did
notice improvement but it felt slow as I couldn’t do most of the things I loved. I didn’t have enough
patience to rest it properly as I'm very active in the gym, mountain biking, etc. Dr. Poppe
recommended combining the ozone therapy with injectable peptides. Once I started combining those
two therapies my recovery really started improving. I’m so grateful to Dr. Poppe and his staff for
helping me to regain my health and wellness. I’m so glad I took a chance on these new therapies that I
hadn’t previously heard about. I would highly recommend anybody looking for an alternative to
traditional treatments or surgery to visit Dr. Poppe at Total Health Clinic. He and his staff are on the
cutting edge of new and effective injury treatment and wellness recovery.

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